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The transitions within the last decade have resulted in the presence of more private sector seed companies and countries such as India, China, Thailand, Indonesia and Philippines are strategically positioned to become the hub of seed industry development.

There are several segments of the learning curve that the seed companies have to traverse to emerge as a significant force in the global markets. The Seed Industry Program 2016,seventh in the series, is the bridge between knowledge and application for a better future of the seed industry. The program will focus on – 

  • Enhancing the ability of the participants to understand emerging issues and develop strategic solutions to augment business through deeper understanding of research management, technology access through licensing, regulatory compliance, market access factors and business restructuring.


    Various issues of sustainability, access to technology, product delivery rights will be among the other areas of focus. The course structure involves the participants in practical discussions, lectures, group exercises, case studies and strategic skills that can be successfully executed in the field.



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